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Save or Toss? Make-Up Expirations Exposed

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Hi Everyone! Today’s post revolves around an infographic I created due to the amount of questions I receive from clients and my readers regarding makeup and how often products should be tossed and replaced. If you’re interested, please scroll and keep on reading 🙂

If you haven’t cleaned out your make-up bag recently, it’s time to do some spring cleaning to make sure you’re not applying expired products on your face. When going through your makeup bag, or should I say makeup stash? I know many of you have drawers filled with products… I promise, I’m not judging since i’m definitely guilty of hoarding makeup.

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It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Beauty, It Cosmetics

What makeup product can you not live without? For me, that’s a simple answer… MASCARA!
Today’s blog post features the Superhero Mascara by It Cosmetics!
IMG_4933Many of you know that I love this mascara because I rave about it on snapchat often and it’s a must-have when I travel. I used to use two mascaras every day, but not since March. When I’m sent new launches or when I buy products myself, I always like to take pictures first, then test out for at least 1-2 months, and then give my thoughts. I’ve been using Superhero since March and repurchased my 2nd one from Ulta towards the end of June, and just purchased another one for my freelance kit!  Continue Reading

Anastasia Lash Genius Clear Waterproof Top Coat- Photos & Review :)

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hey Readers 🙂
Today’s featured products is the Anastasia Lash Genius: Waterproof Top Coat Mascara 🙂

IMG_3194What it is:
A clear topcoat that instantly waterproofs, refreshes, and protects any mascara all day, without drying or clumping.

What it does:
This lightweight formula glides on smooth, dries quickly, and gives your lashes a touchable, soft lacquer finish that lasts all day.

How many of you have a favorite mascara that volumizes, lengthens, and does everything you need in a mascara to do– yet is not waterproof? Well, if that’s you… this is the product that you are in need of. First, apply however many coats of mascara, & then after, apply a coat of this clear waterproof mascara from Anastasia. This will leave your non-waterproof mascara officially waterproof!

Many of you always ask me for my favorite waterproof mascara, but that’s a little hard for me to tell you my favorite, because what I look for in  a mascara might not be what you’re looking for. Some look for a more wet consistency of mascara, yet I prefer a drier consistency, etc. This topcoat will keep your mascara in place, therefore no more raccoon eyes or mascara running down your face!

If you’re a swimmer, wanting to be able to wear mascara… this is for you!
If you’re going to a funeral or a sad movie… this is for you!
If you’re dancing the night away… this is for you!
If you live in San Diego… this is for me!
This is an amazing product, try it!

This will not clump your mascara. Say yes to no more smudging!
Thanks to the Anastasia team for such a great product!
You truly are geniuses for creating the LASH GENIUS!

Overall, I recommend this product to everyone! It delivers everything it says it will do! It’s affordable, & really beneficial to those who can’t find their favorite mascara in waterproof form! Great product! No more raccoon eyes or smudging! Perfect for me… perfect for you! 🙂 Remember to remove with a waterproof make-up remover!

**Comment below & let us know if you’ve tried this before 🙂

PROS: waterproof, mascara doesn’t budge, amazing!!
CONS: none! 


PRICING: $21.00 (.19 oz)



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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Eyeko Skinny Mini Duo- Photos & Review :)


Hey Readers 🙂 Today’s featured product is the EYEKO Skinny Mini Duo 🙂

Picture 014Today’s post features the lovely travel size mascara & liquid eye liner from Eyeko 🙂
For those who don’t know, Eyeko was first established in the UK & now being sold in the US.

Picture 012I have been obsessed with Eyeko products for about a year now, & I was happy to hear about travel size cosmetics!
It’s the perfect size to pick in my purse & make-up bag, even the full size fits as well!
It’s definitely great for touch- ups.. loving it!
I also think that this would make a great gift for anyone who has yet to try out Eyeko products!
Eyeko is affordable & works amazingly, definitely worth the price!

Picture 016Aren’t these the cutest? Ahh, so in love :))

Picture 017

Picture 022I love the mascara because it definitely makes my lashes longer & separates them pretty well 🙂
The best thing about the packaging is that it’s not like many others…
it’s definitely exceptional because you can squeeze out every ounce of mascara before you toss it!!

Picture 018

Picture 020If you’re a beginner with eyeliner, I definitely recommend this! It works like a charm 🙂
With this eyeliner, you can create any line… from thin to thick.
from winged liner to cat eye! it’s great! & it’s truly black!

Picture 021

Picture 019

Overall, Eyeko has not disappointed me with their products! The mascara works for me, something I look for in an eyeliner is how pigmented it is, as well as if the eyeliner transfers, & this one does not! This duo is perfect in any way! If you know someone who is looking for a new eyeliner & mascara, go ahead & surprise them with this cute set! Great quality! Thanks Eyeko!

PROS: travel size, great price point, great packaging 🙂
CONS: none!


PRICING: $16.00



I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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♥eyeko skinny brush mascara review :)



Hey Everyone! Check out my new review on a mascara from Eyeko!

So this mascara comes in a tube, which is great in my opinion… because compared to most mascara packaging, I can actually squeeze the heck out of the tube until I get the very last bit out of my mascara! The mascara is a jet-black color! Very dark! The wand is honestly super skinny, maybe even the skinniest mascara wand I have ever seen! The bristles on this mascara wand are formed into a spiral shape! What is so fantastic about Eyeko, is that their mascaras come with a a cute guitar pick. Why, right? Because you will use the pick as a shield over your eyelid to protect the mascara from messing up your eyeshadow!

PROS: smudge-proof, maximizes the length of lashes, clump free
CONS: can be a little drying, & pricy (but at least the mascara works for me)

Overall, this mascara definitely volumizes your lashes with just the first coat! It is a build-able mascara, just keep applying, do not wait to long in between each coat, otherwise you will get clumps! (tricks of the trade) The packaging is so adorable, makes me want to keep the packaging even after I finish it, but I will definitely toss it & purchase another one! It is a long lasting formula that does not smudge or flake, so that’s great!
before 🙁

after 🙂

AVAILABILITY: nordstroms, sephora

PRICING: $19.00



Have you tried any EYEKO products! If so, let me know what you’ve tried & liked 🙂

I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

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♥Urban Decay- Book of Shadows (IV) Review & Swatches :)

Urban Decay

please don’t mind my natural brows, they are naturally 2 toned!

Hey Everyone! 😀 Check out this palette from Urban Decay for ONLY $29! This palette comes with 16 eye shadows, a full size waterproof eyeliner, a travel size mascara, & a primer! The palette has some browns & neutral shades, but also has purples & blues, smokey shades… You will be able to create so many looks! This palette also comes with a speaker, & a card for you to log on the website & watch tutorials so that you can create different looks!

Overall, I think this palette is well worth what you pay for! Originally, this palette was $64, & I’m glad I got it for cheaper! There is a bit of fall out, but that happens a lot sometimes, especially if the shadows are soft. I love the eyeliner that comes with this palette. It is waterproof, however, I apply the eyeliner & I like to go over it with a matte eyeshadow, a good one is “carbon” from MAC. By doing that, it last longer, doesn’t smudge, & gives a matte finish. The mascara is great as well. It definitely lengthens your lashes & gives a little bit of volume!

UD Book of Shadows-
Volume IV
Price $29.00
Pigmentation Really Pigmented
Texture Smooth & Silky
Dupes N/A
Release Date Available Now
Colors 16 colors that blend easily

Pigmented & Blend Easily Packaging is somewhat bulky!
16 colors to choose from Glitter eye shadows leave fall out!
You get a lot for what you pay for!
I hope this review helped & have a wonderful day!


Maria Somo

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