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Hey Everyone! Happy Monday!
Today’s post is something I’ve yet to do on here, so let me know if you would like to see more of these!

Let’s talk HAIR COLOR.
So, when I book new clients or I have returning clients, I always like to ask them what their desired shade is— overall what do they want? Many times, some have no clue. They simply want change. I highly recommend that even if you, the client, are unsure, bring some pictures to your upcoming appointment. Now, these pictures can be of something you used to have & love, pictures you found online, or even pictures from a magazine… anything will help. Why you may ask? I have found that sometimes clients can be misinformed. For example, I once heard a client telling her hairstylist that she is going for that platinum look, stylist asked “are you sure?” and client didn’t hesitate. The after was shocking to the client… she was SO SHOCKED. She asked for platinum & she got it, but her idea of platinum was a medium blonde. See what I mean? Bring pictures & you will get better results!

Here, I’ve included five pictures of my all time favorite transformations! If you can’t tell, I LOVE dimension. I’m not a huge fan of flat hair, I love seeing different tones in the hair & curls/waves.

sam; before & after. Here is one of my most recent before & afters— I had done her hair back in September ’15 & the before picture was taken early April. I had applied a color mixture similar to her natural hair so that when it grows it, it wouldn’t leave a harsh demarcation— very low maintenance. My client came into the salon & other stylists were already obsessed with her hair, yet we added highlights throughout for more dimension and since summer is around the corner… lighter locks is the goal. Here I used Blondor to lighten and toned with Redken Shades EQ. It’s the perfect mixture of a warm base with cooler tones. amy; before & after And on this client, I had added an all over level 9 & 10 from Paul Mitchell & added about 7-10 foils of highlights for some added dimension! Styled with a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. dewi; before & after This client is a natural level 2 & she is harder to lift, so we stuck with highlights all over.
I toned her with Redken Shades EQ to get that caramel-honey look. dewi; before & after Here is another before & after– Dewi loves a red brown, but here we stepped out of  her comfort zone & added highlights all over for lots of added dimension. These tones are giving me life! sam; fall hair     And last but not least, this is one of my favorite fall & winter looks. I love a well blended contrast from dark to light. It allows the client to have more time in between each session with their hairstylist. Definitely low maintenance & this client in particular is a full time student + work, so time is valuable.

I hope you all found this post somewhat helpful, whether it gave you inspiration for your next color appointment with your stylist— or you learned something new. Let me know if you’d love to see more!


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  • Aurora M

    New posts 2 days in a row?! I love your work! Great job with color!!

    • mariasomo

      thank you so much! 🙂

  • Leandra Armor

    that is great advice and i really love the hair transformations. do you travel and take clients?

    • mariasomo

      Hi there! I currently work out of San Diego because I am a full time student! But maybe I’ll do some traveling in the near future! Who knows? I would love too!

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