MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter Pens- Photos & Review :)


Hey Readers ๐Ÿ™‚
Todayโ€™s review features 3 Prep + Prime Highlighters from MAC.

IMG_8213Today I’ll be sharing my review of one of my most recent MAC purchases.
These are 3 of 4 highlighter pens which MAC carries.
About a year ago, I reviewed the Bright Forecast pen & I loved it–
so I recently decided to purchase it again & add 2 more to my kit!

IMG_8214These are the 3 that I purchased: Light Boost, Radiant Rose, & a repurchase of Bright Forecast.
I didn’t purchase Peach Lustre– but I may in the future & I’ll create a separate review.


IMG_8217These are the color labels on the pens.

IMG_8218These highlighter pens are perfect for me– and easy to use within seconds.
You have to twist the pen to get product out.
Here is what the pen looks like prior to twisting and retrieving product.

IMG_8221Again, here we have Light Boost (top), Radiant Rose (middle), Bright Forecast (bottom).
These pens are made to “highlight”– which in my opinion: gives dimension, brightens & perfects the face.
If you have under eye bags & dark circles, these pens will be perfect for you!

IMG_8219Light Boost: yellow toned highlighter (creates a brightening effect)
Radiant Rose: pink toned highlighter (creates a brightening effect)
Bright Forecast: peachy colored highlighter (amazing at covering dark circles due to the salmon/orange color)




***Overall, I am so satisfied with my purchase. I think these highlighters are great! I like using light boost on it’s own under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose because it gives me that brightening effect. However, it doesn’t do much concealing. I would suggest using the pen to highlight, & then add your concealer on top. Bright Forecast is amazing at concealing those dark circles due to the salmon/orange color. All in all, I like the products and I will always have these in my kit. Easy to use, thin & all around perfect for my clients! I definitely think you need to go into your nearest MAC store & play with these babies!

PROS:ย pigmented, easy to use, long lasting.
CONS:ย can be a little pricy for .12 oz, otherwise.. great!
AVAILABILITY: MAC Counters, onlineย
PRICING:ย $25.00
RATING:ย 5/5

I hope this review was helpful & have an amazing day!!

FTC: Products were purchased by me.ย You are my priority– therefore, I speak the truth and nothing but the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Adris

    Hi! would you recommend the bright forecast to my nw25 skin? I need something to cover my dark circles, thanks!

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