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What makeup product can you not live without? For me, that’s a simple answer… MASCARA!
Today’s blog post features the Superhero Mascara by It Cosmetics!
IMG_4933Many of you know that I love this mascara because I rave about it on snapchat often and it’s a must-have when I travel. I used to use two mascaras every day, but not since March. When I’m sent new launches or when I buy products myself, I always like to take pictures first, then test out for at least 1-2 months, and then give my thoughts. I’ve been using Superhero since March and repurchased my 2nd one from Ulta towards the end of June, and just purchased another one for my freelance kit! 


During the first month of testing, I would use the superhero mascara one day and the following day, I would use a different mascara. I realized I only ever got complimented on my lashes when I was wearing the Superhero mascara– that’s how you know a product works & that others can see it! Of course, I fell in love with the mascara after two uses, but when others were complimenting my lashes… I loved it even more. Can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my lashes from cashiers at grocery stores 🙂 It’s everything I want in a mascara: length, volume, & some curl.
IMG_4961The packaging is black and is stamped with the company name and the name of the mascara.
IMG_4958The product description mentioned that “in one coat of the Superhero mascara, the proprietary elastic stretch technology wraps each individual lash in a volume boosting, lengthening, and ultra-conditioning black cape of power and color that’s clinically shown to give you your strongest, longest, thickest and most defined lashes. Every lash is coated from base to tips, lifting and separating to create a fuller lash line.” What I personally love most about this mascara is the added benefits: collagen, hydrolyzed keratin, proteins, peptides, & biotin– great stuff for your lashes! IMG_4955This is the applicator from the mascara and it actually does an amazing job grasping my lashes! After application, I love that I don’t get flakes of mascara on my face throughout the day. A tip I have if you have longer lashes: grab a beauty sponge or q-tip and apply some loose translucent powder (just a tiny amount) and apply under your eye. It prevents smearing onto your skin. IMG_6845This is the before shot ^ IMG_6858And this is my after using 2 coats of the Superhero Mascara from It Cosmetics ^IMG_5403This is using one coat of the mascara ^
IMG_5407using one coat of the Superhero mascara ^

PROS: great mascara + great results

CONS: somewhat pricey, but worth the price tag.

PRICE: $24


RATING: 4.7/5

FTC:  Was sent for review consideration– repurchased two since then. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so– I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!

I hope you enjoyed my review!! Is this a mascara you gravitate more towards? What is your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading & until next time.

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