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Current SkinCare Routine

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Hey Everyone! Today’s post is all about my current skincare routine!
It’s pretty lengthy, so grab some popcorn… I mean fruit 😉

I’m constantly trying out different products so it’s almost unlikely that I actually stick to a routine. The other day I was reorganizing my skincare and make-up collection; I tossed out some old stuff and empty containers, you could say that I engaged in some decluttering. Anyways, as I was reorganizing, I realized that I actually have been pretty consistent with the products that I’m currently using since January! So I figured that now would be the best time to do this post. The picture above includes all the products that I’ve been using for the last five months if not more. I will go into detail about how I use each product and why I use the products! Continue Reading

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Masque

Kiehl's, Skin Care

Hey Everyone! Thank you for tuning in as always! 🙂
Today’s post features a new facial mask from Kiehl’s.


Kiehl’s added 2 new masques to their skincare line– they’ve officially launched and are available for purchase. The one I’ve been testing out is the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque.  According to Kiehl’s, the main benefit of this mask is to brighten and energize the look of tired and dull skin, and it’s supposed to restore your skin to have that flushed look– “healthy, rosy, appearance.” My skin definitely looks tired every morning; I could sleep for 8 hours and I’ll wake up looking like I didn’t get any sleep at all. I have dark under eye circles and sometimes, I even scare myself when I wake up and look into the mirror. Thankfully, skin care and make-up comes to the rescue. This masque is meant to be used during the day after you’ve washed your face, used your toner, etc (do your normal skin routine and then use this masque). I ended up doing a little research online about the 2 main ingredients (turmeric and cranberry seeds) in the masques. Here’s what you need to know:


Turmeric, part of the ginger family, is actually a spice for those of you who don’t know, I know this because I LOVE to make yellow curry and white rice.. YUM! Aside from using this spice in the kitchen, it actually has many benefits for your hair and skin. It’s been found that turmeric can prevent aging. It’s a great exfoliant when mixed with water and/or milk. Turmeric is also an anti-bacterial agent, so it can definitely help heal cuts or burns. It can also help lighten any pigmentation/discoloration on your skin and will improve your skin’s elasticity.

Cranberry is of course one of many fruits and it’s actually very good for you!! It’s high in antioxidants like pomegranates! Anything that is high in antioxidants can actually help prevent you from getting some diseases. Cranberry seeds & oil absorb into your skin and hydrates your skin giving you that supple feeling and fresh look. The cranberry seeds in this masque will make for a great exfoliation while providing other great benefits to your skin.


I apply a thin layer of this masque to my dry skin and I leave it to sit and dry for about 10 minutes. The packaging suggests to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, but you all know that I like to do the most. After my 10 minutes are up, I go to the sink and rinse it off. When I first applied the masque onto my face, I felt a tingling sensation, and definitely felt the mask get tighter on my skin. I rub in a circular motion and the cranberry seeds in this masque make a really great exfoliant. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow with a moisturizer or serum/oil. I don’t see why this masque wouldn’t work for everyone and I highly recommend that if you have oily skin, give this masque a try. This stuff will definitely make anyone’s skin GLOW!

I am always asked about my skincare routine and always complimented on the appearance of my skin with and without make-up. Why not share secrets? What are you impressed with and can’t live without? Please do share with us!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I hope you all learned a thing or two, and if you already knew all this… give yourself a pat on the back 🙂 As always, thank you so much for tuning in and reading– love you all. xoxoxo

PROS: WORKS, great mask & exfoliator!

CONS: none

PRICE: $32 (2.5 fl oz.)

AVAILABILITY: Kiehl’s, Nordstrom


FTC:  This masque is a PR sample.. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so– I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!


fresh| Soy Face Cleanser | Photos & Review :)

Fresh, Skin Care

Hey Everyone! Thank you for tuning in as always! 🙂
Today’s post features my current favorite face cleanser!
It’s the Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh.
DSC01414I purchased this cleanser exactly 2 weeks ago when I purchased the Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector. It’s hard to contain myself when I’m shopping online, so I figured I should purchase 1 makeup item and 1 skincare item. I’m always looking forward to trying new cleansers. I think having a good skincare routine is essential; you should really take care of your skin and make sure to remove all of your make-up before going to bed. I do not suffer from major acne or cysts, however, my skin is prone to whiteheads and blackheads especially on my chin. I get the occasional pimple and a breakout here and there, usually due to the weather change or because I’m stressed.. you can’t avoid stress while in college.

DSC01415I do have sensitive skin, so I picked up a small sample of this cleanser from Sephora in June to try before purchasing a full size. If I purchase something and I do not like it, I don’t return it.. I’ll just give it away. Just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean that it will not work for you. We all have different skin types and environment conditions. So after using the sample, my skin felt pretty good so I purchased the 1.7 fl oz exactly 2 weeks ago. It’s been 2 weeks now and I use this cleanser day and night. I splash some cool water on my face, apply the cleanser, work it into my skin, and rinse it out. The results? I am so satisfied!!
This cleanser is definitely gentle on the face and the eyes. The packaging states that the “amino acid-rich soy proteins help maintain elasticity and healthy skin.” This cleanser does contain rosewater which tends to calm and balance your skin, and the cucumber extract also help to soothe your skin.DSC01417
Overall, I really am loving this cleanser, my only complaint is that the cucumber scent is to pungent for me.. it’s a bit too strong for my taste. I like using this cleanser with my Clarisonic occasionally to really get my skin nice and clean. I really LOVE the way my skin feels after using this cleanser.. it’s really soft and smooth (like a baby’s butt)! If you’re in the market for a new cleanser and haven’t tried this one yet, I suggest that you pick it up! Let me know your favorites down below! Thanks for reading as always.. until next time 🙂

PROS: AMAZING! breaks up and removes face make-up, mascara. perfect everyday cleanser, no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates!

CONS:  performance is perfect, just too strong of a cucumber scent for my liking.

PRICE: 1.7 oz- $15, 5.1 oz- $38

AVAILABILITY: Sephora, Fresh, Nordstrom

RATING: 4.9/5

FTC:  This cleanser was purchased from Sephora. I am not obligated to write this review, nor do I get paid to do so– I speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you for reading. Xo!

3 Products to Enhance Your Complexion :)

DermaQuest, Skin Care

Hey Everyone 🙂

Today’s post is all about what I’ve been using to enhance my face complexion! I have been using 3 products from Dermaquest which have completely taken over my skincare regimen. The products I’ve been obsessing over are: the Universal Cleansing Oil, C Infusion Serum, and Perfecting Primer.


According to Dermaquest, the C Infusion Serum uses extra-active BV-OSC and Orange Stem Cells, known to gently tone and tighten, while protecting skin from harmful free radicals that cause fine lines and wrinkles. A good investment for all skin types at every stage, C Infusion energizes skin as discoloration and future signs of aging recede through the power of nourishing antioxidants.

What I love about the C Infusion Serum:
-It has such an amazing orange-y/citrus scent, but doesn’t linger for too long.
-It is very rejuvenating and moisturizing on the skin.
-Leaves your skin feeling extra smooth.

* I’ve noticed a change for the better on my skin. Prior to using the C Infusion Serum, I used to notice that after applying my foundation, I would see defined lines underneath my eyes– which was due to lack of moisture. Lately, I do not see my foundation separating underneath my eyes. (That’s a plus!)

Now on to the Perfecting Primer. According to Dermaquest, instantly smoothing and pore refining, this oil-absorbing primer leaves skin with a soft and velvety finish. Likewise, our Perfecting Primer adds longevity to makeup, extending a polished and flawless appearance.

What I love about the Perfecting Primer:
As a make-up artist, I truly believe that you have to take care of your skin if you want amazing results and a more flawless make-up application. After moisturizing my skin, I will apply less then a dime size of this primer to my face and massage it into my skin with my fingers. I use my CLEAN fingers because it warms up the product and allows it to really penetrate into your skin. This primer is very velvety and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I see a difference if I haven’t applied the perfecting primer before applying my foundation. Not only is it smooth to the touch, but I feel as though it blurs out my imperfections in photos.

*Here, I’ve applied the Perfecting Primer, the Bare Minerals: BareSkin Foundation, some mascara & tinted brow gel. No editing whatsoever. DSC00163

Last but not least, the Universal Cleansing Oil. According to Dermaquest, do not fear, our silky smooth cleansing oil was formulated for any skin type, including oily or acneic skin. As Jojoba, botanical and almond oils nourish and protect skin, they also draw excess oil from the skin to ensure that you maintain a luscious balance. Known to prevent both acne and dry skin, this noncomedogenic cleanser effortlessly removes makeup, dirt and impurities.

What I love about the Universal Cleansing Oil:
The cleansing oil has temporarily replaced my make-up remover wipes. Make-up remover wipes tend to be a little too harsh on my skin, and sometimes can even be too drying. So to remove my make-up at the end of the night, I grab a cotton pad and add come cleansing oil to the cotton pad and start rubbing the pad onto my face in circular motions. The cleansing oil even removes waterproof make-up without being too harsh. I just apply some cleansing oil onto a q-tip and swipe back and forth. Also, I love applying a wee bit onto my eyebrows, I feel as though they grow a little faster and aren’t unruly the next morning.

I’ve been trying out these products since the beginning of December and I’ve yet to run out of product. These products are worth the splurge, and to some, may be average & not much of a splurge. I hope you enjoyed this review and maybe learned a few tips and tricks here and there! If any of these products interest you or you would like to see more of what Dermaquest offers, their website is:

Thank you for tuning in– until next time! xo