♥Hard Candy Metallic Eyeshadow “Fake Bake” :)

Hard Candy

Hey Everyone! Check out this metallic eyeshadow called “Fake Bake” by Hard Candy! Hard Candy offers 10 different colors to choose from! If you haven’t used these before, they are cream shadows that come in a tube container with a bent sponge-applicator. They feel liquid & creamy when you first touch them, but then dry to more powder finish & set fairly quickly!

Fake Bake is a dark metallic bronze & it does set quickly, so you don’t have minutes & minutes to blend. More like less than a minute. I really like the eyeshadow & I definitely will look into purchasing some other colors!

The packaging is interesting! Fake bake is a great stand alone color!

As for any creasing, I’ve worn them for only about 5 hours & used UD Primer Potion, & no creasing at all! So, just use a primer in case!!

Overall, I am currently in love with this cream shadow! I am excited to take a look at the other colors! I would definitely invest in a few more of these! If you’re on a budget, $6 is a great deal & you definitely won’t be breaking your bank!

Hard Candy Metallic Eyeshadow
Price $6.00
Availability http://www.hardcandy.com/, & walmart
Pigmentation metallic & pigmented!
Texture smooth & creamy!
Dupes n/a
Release Date Available Now
Colors fake bake is featured in this review!
10 colors to choose from!
pigmented only available @ walmart!
10 colors to choose from!
so cheap!!
I hope this review was helpful! Have an amazing day!
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  • That is one gorgeous shadow!

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